Andrea Bolender

- My dog training journey began over 50 years ago on a horse farm. My parents were successful horse trainers by trade and I spent many years living, breathing, competing and caring for, the large number of horses in our care. We always had dogs, Australian Shepherds mainly, and the occasional mix that would show up at the main barn and decide to stay a while. The dogs seemed to naturally know their place. You called them, they came. You asked them to sit or down and they didn’t move until you asked. It was the way of life.

- Fast forward to a prosperous corporate career in management, my passion for working with horses and dogs came calling. I left the corporate world and purchased a struggling dog daycare and lodging facility. Breathing life back into the business brought canines of all walks of life. I always seemed to have an immediate connection with those dogs that were considered behavior challenged. I committed to finding positive outcomes for these dogs through what came to me as a natural, structured leadership style. By the end of their visit, they were in a much calmer state of mind and seemed more relaxed overall. Owners would take notice and comment on the change, even if it was it seemed to make a difference, for the better, at home.

- Today, it’s clear that my passion is in dog training. I spent many years following my mother training dogs in the sport of Schutzhund (protection dog). She represented the USA at the World Team level. I gained the value and appreciation of the many hours invested in obedience training and was in awe at the reward for having a calm dog “on demand”. Realizing that not all training methods and dog trainers are created equal, I spent time learning from whom I considered to be the very best. By taking a balanced training approach, I am more confident than ever there is help for even the most challenged canine.

- I now dedicate my time in bringing harmony between dogs and their owners (of all temperaments). I want to bring the opportunity of having a calm state of mind to your canine. I’m fortunate to have a personal pack of six canines that help me, help other dogs reach their full potential.

- If you’re ready for a transformation in your canine, I am here to help!