Exclusive Client Services




Overnight Lodging

During the day, your canine will participate in pack walks, potty walks, socialize with other appropriate canine and continue ongoing structure and foundation work with their training.

  • Check-in is by appointment and check-out is by 1pm.
    Check-out after 1pm pay additional fee of $30.00
    Rate: $70 per night



Field Trip and Train

A typical day includes:

  • Outing in real world environment
  • (Car Ride/RV*Pinellas Trail*Causeway*Dog Beach)
  • Impulse control work
  • Basic Obedience
    Rate: $150 per session (up to 4 hours)



Refresher Board & Train

  • Has your dog already been through training in the past? The seven (7) day refresher course is geared toward helping dogs get back into the tip top training shape they were in during their initial board and train. The foundation work is in place and will get things back on track.
    Rate: $1200 per session