Board and Train

It’s time for a fresh start! Bring on a new learning environment that is focused on the right here and now. The past is the past. The use of low level, state-of-the-art, e-collar training puts your dog on the fast track of communication focused learning.



All Board and Train Programs are exclusive to my personal home in beautiful Ozona, FL. All canine are exposed to life around my family and personal dog pack of six. This private experience, as the sole trainer for your canine, allows complete devotion of my attention, and have your canine learn how to become part of the family.

Having your dog receive the training and exposure necessary to become excellent mannered dogs, that are a true part of the family, is called harmony.


From day one, your dog is in learning mode. The basic fundamentals of communication is where we start. Learning imperative leash skills, verbal markers and the ability to make better choices is what it’s all about. Your dog will become a phenomenal listener that responds appropriately for their new lifestyle. Their choices matter and teaching them to make the right choice, no matter the environment or distraction, on/off leash, will lead to a harmonious relationship for all. These concepts and others are practiced every day and become a more natural way of living.


• A one hour drop off session on the first day of the program to go over all concerns and questions
• A 90 minute go home session on the last day of the program
• A one hour follow up session two to four weeks after training program
• A new leash, collar and mini educator e-collar at discounted rate


The two (2) week program is for dogs six months and older with none to minimal behavioral issues.
Rate: $2100


The four (4) week program is for dogs six months and older with severe behavior modification needs.
Rate: $4200

Examples: Dog-to-Dog and/or Human Aggression  - Food and/or Resource Guarding - Separation Anxiety  - Severe Fear Issues  - Reactivity On-Leash - Extreme Crate Issues

The one week (7 day) Puppy board and train program is for puppies sixteen weeks to six months of age. This is a foundation building program with all of the same exposures as our longer training programs.
Rate: $950

*Additional week to a program is $750