Dogedin Tips #2


– Deciding to take your dog to the dog park, is a very personal decision for you and your dog. Should you decide to go, the kind of etiquette your dog displays at the dog park is very important.

We have all been to the dog park when there is a dog with terrible manners and not very well-behaved. That one dog can ruin the entire park experience for you and your dog.

If you see this, I believe the risk just isn’t worth it and may decide to leave or work with my dog on leash and use this time for training with distractions.

It’s really important to have a dog that knows the proper way to interact around other dogs. Nobody wants an aggressive, unfriendly dog in the dog park.

Things to Remember:
• Proper equipment (e-collar/leash/)
• Clean up after your dog (enough said)
• Play Safe (no fighting over tennis balls)
• Pay Attention at all times (things happen quickly)
• Bring clean water/bowl (some dogs are poop eaters and contaminate water source)
• NEVER enter the park when there is a dog crowding the gate (politely ask for the owner to remove the dog from the entry area)

Dog park success means to never let your guard down and be aware of surrounding dogs. There are usually signs that you can pick up on that can keep you and your dog safe. If it doesn’t feel right….it probably isn’t and it’s time to go.

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